Created for the modern millennial woman, Shee’s high-quality range of brow and lash growth serums is perfect for those on the go.


Not only is our signature serum locally made and packaged in Perth, it is also one of the most affordable lash growth and colour locking serums on the market.


What's New

Who is Shee. Beauty?

Shee. Beauty is the latest in natural, vegan friendly beauty.

Our new collection including Brow Locck and Lash Wannd have the town talking.

Founded and developed by one of Perth’s leading therapists, Shee. Beauty was born when affordable, high quality products to locck colour and stimulate growth were unavailable.

Our values

Why Shee.

all natural

Extensive research on high quality, all natural ingredients is important for all Shee. Beauty products.

vegan friendly

Ingredients found in our products are not animal derived, they are naturally occurring options

keep it local

Our products were developed, packaged, designed and created using locally owned Perth businesses. 

Top quality

It is important to us that we are providing a high quality product with an affordable price point. Beauty for all. 

affordable beauty

Shee. Love

We believe beauty shouldn’t be expensive or unattainable- rather, it should come as second nature

Our signature serums simply enhance
your natural beauty.


proven ingredients

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